Happiness: Learning from Positive Psychology

1 hour instructor-led seminar or webinar
For general audience


Overview Positive psychology focuses on enhancing well-being and helping an individual flourish. It aims to create a more balanced psychology that encompasses the wholeness of the human experience. Several researches on happiness have been conducted based on the concept of positive psychology to understand what allows people to flourish, be more resilient and increase their perception of happiness. Scientists found that when referring to happiness, we need to look at positive feelings and overall life satisfaction which is largely attributable to intentional activities. In other words, we must empower ourselves to create our own happiness. In this seminar, participants will learn strategies to increase happiness through intentional activities.

Learning objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Define happiness and understand the role of positive psychology
  • Identify what drives genuine happiness
  • Understand the latest research on happiness and where you have the greatest impact and influence on your happiness levels
  • Clarify some of the barriers to happiness
  • Learn research-based tips and strategies for sustainable happiness
  • What is Positive Psychology?
  • Characteristics of Happy People
  • Benefits of Being Happy
  • What Makes Us Happy?
  • Intentional Activities That Help Increase Happiness

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