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Employee working at desk Respect in the workplace
This workshop examines the issues of respect in the workplace and provides participants with the tools and skills they need to create and maintain a dignified work space.
Male_Coworkers working at table Workplace violence prevention
This workshop explores the legislation and regulatory efforts in place to promote the safety and protection of the workforce and business.
Coworkers_distant_Workplace-Conflict_trending-topic.jpg Transgender support program
Whether the employee has already transitioned or is in the process of transitioning to the gender consistent with their gender identity, it’s important to understand what the best practices are for managing any workplace implications.
Man experiencing cumulative stress Helping the helper – Understanding & Coping with Cumulative Stress
This workshop provides you with information on how exposure to cumulative stress has affected you.

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Pathway to Coping

Pathway to Coping is an online course offered in conjunction with the University of New Brunswick’s College of Extended Learning. It provides the opportunity for individuals to develop their coping skills following a structured developmental program.

A parent’s guide to bullying: what you need to know

Bullying is a common concern among parents. Rightfully so, as statistics show that almost all kids are affected by bullying because they either are the bully, are being bullied, or have witnessed bullying. As parents, we want to help but are often uncertain about what constitutes bullying, what to advise our kids, and how to intervene. Join this webinar to learn how to talk to your kids about bullying.

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