Workplace violence prevention

3.5 hour or 7 hour instructor-led workshop or e-learning
For people leaders and employees


Many industries are required by federal and provincial legislation to have policies and programs in place that address aggression in the workplace. This workshop has been developed to comply with that legislation and to promote the safety and protection of the workforce and business.

The people leader version of this workshop, ideal for those in human resources, corporate security, medical, occupational health, risk management, and/or legal roles, will additionally address legislation. People leaders will be given the tools they need to effectively deal with violence in the workplace.

This workshop can be customized to reflect the organization’s specific issues and objectives, as well the organization’s own current policies and procedures. The workshop begins with a look the safety of the Canadian workplace including statistics and world ranking. The importance of violence prevention will be presented along with a snapshot of current Canadian legislation. Next, participants will learn and discuss what constitutes workplace violence with examples of both overt and threatened violence. Harassment will be defined with examples, followed by a deeper dive into both sexual and psychological harassment. The group will learn the reason why violence is not always reported and who has a role to play in prevention.

Both employees and employers have a responsibility to prevent workplace violence, and the workshop will take a closer look at the legislation employers must abide by. Participants will learn the various sources of violence such as clients, patients or strangers, and how domestic violence can impact the workplace. Best practices for resolving harassment complaints successfully will be explored, including what to avoid and protecting personal safety. Participants will learn what defines a high-risk situation, how to respond, what to avoid when caught in one, and sources of immediate help. The workshop concludes with additional support resources for Canadian workplaces.

Learning objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Define and understand the broad spectrum of behaviour considered unacceptable, abusive, or aggressive.
  • Learn how to identify unsafe situations at work that may escalate into workplace violence.
  • Understand the individual and corporate responsibilities for contributing to a safe workplace.

In addition to the above, people leaders will learn to:

  • Identify the warning signs and implement countermeasures.
  • Apply non-violent crisis intervention techniques as a means of prevention and protection.
  • Understand corporate liability issues.

Workplace Impact

  • Raises awareness of harassment and violence and its impact in a working environment.
  • Identifies factors in how each person contributes to the maintenance of a positive and safe working environment.
  • Promotes safety and self-awareness by using education to demonstrate unsafe situations and how to protect oneself.
  • Encourages individual accountability by providing education on provincial legislation and the organization’s internal policies.