Workplace mental health peer support program

two-day instructor led workshop or e-learning
For people leaders and employees


In today’s workforce, establishing mental health peer groups and leaders is growing in popularity as a way for organizations to successfully support their employees with mental health issues. Knowledgeable and easy to access, these peers can often provide a safe space for those seeking support.

Peers can be helpful in understanding the work culture, providing education, encouraging networking, and promoting ownership of others’ well-being.

That’s why we developed the Mental Health Peer Support Program. Dedicated to organizations trying to make a positive impact on their employees’ mental health, the program is about people helping people.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of the program, peers will be able to:

  •  Explain what the MH Peer Support Program is, why your organization has implemented it, and what their role is within the program;
  •  Understand and identify common mental health conditions in the workplace;
  •  Comprehend the stigma surrounding mental disorders;
  •  Define the characteristics and benefits of resiliency;
  •  Conduct a mental health interaction and utilize effective communication strategies;
  •  Identify self-care strategies for thriving and surviving in difficult situations;
  •  Explain your organization’s HR policies, and available Employee Assistance and MH Support services;
  •  Describe and direct others to external mental health resources; and
  •  Create an action plan to identify areas of strength and those for improvement as a peer, and ways to achieve these development goals.
How can mental health peers help?

Members of this group will be able to:

  •  Understand the impact of mental health issues in the workplace;
  •  Evaluate their personal beliefs about stigma surrounding mental health;
  •  Understand and articulate the stages of mental well-being;
  •  Recognize signs of and respond to mental health issues in the workplace;
  •  Develop techniques to help build resiliency against mental health issues; and
  •  Access mental health
Program structure

Participants will complete an e-learning training course on workplace mental health, followed by pre-work and two days of in-classroom training—comprised of theory, discussion, and interactive learning activities.

A customized approach to support

We recognize that mental health peers are not professional psychologists. While MH peers can still offer a valuable form of support to their colleagues, our unique training also covers:

  •  The extent of what they can do/advise in their role;
  •  The limitations of confidentiality;
  •  The escalation process within your organization; and
  •  Additional available occupational health support.
Need assistance in establishing your peer support team?

Our clinical experts can help you with your internal process review and developing screening tools, while also consulting about peer selection and program best practice. Call us today and start helping others in their journey toward recovery!