Why Organizations Shouldn't Ignore Substance Abuse In and Out of the Workplace

1 hour instructor-led seminar
For employees


The chronic, uncontrollable, and excessive use of alcohol or illegal drugs is a serious medical disease called addiction. A person with an addiction typically has great difficulty consistently carrying out normal work and family responsibilities. Co-workers are often the first to notice erratic behavior in another employee that could be a symptom of a substance abuse problem. It's not the job of co-workers (or even supervisors) to diagnose a substance abuse problem; this course will give you some way you might address the situation.

Learning objectives

Participants will learn to:

  • Describe the effects of substance abuse on the workplace, family, and body
  • Define substance use, abuse, and dependence Identify the effects of enabling behaviors
  • Explain organizational policy regarding substance abuse
  • Select appropriate steps to address their own use or to assist a using co-worker

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