Through the Looking Glass: Thriving in the New Normal

1.5 hour webinar
For people leaders


What will the ‘new normal’ look like?

Recent studies show that productivity is maximized at three days in the office and two days remote for most people. Those now successfully doing their jobs remotely will argue that they should be able to continue going forward.

A useful metaphor for the “new normal” will be what happens when driving a car on black ice. The worst thing to do is to slam on the brakes, because then you completely lose control. Instead you pump them – brake a little, then back off and repeat the process until back on dry ground. We are likely heading into a cautious, rather than a brave, new world. What does “pumping the brakes” mean in today’s workplace?

How do we prepare for the next steps into what author Thomas Friedman calls 2020 and beyond? What strategies can we put in place to enable our team to thrive in the new normal?

Learning objectives

This webinar will prepare Leaders to plan for the upcoming realities:

  • The Five key strategies for thriving in the new normal – Hope for the best – prepare for the worst.
  • Key communication tips and techniques
  • Effective policy and procedure reviews
  • Leading effectively with compassion and empathy – building trust
  • Best practices for leading virtually – maintaining team engagement
  • How to ensure your team stays in the healthiest zone as we go back to work
  • Effectively building a bridge to help when team members are struggling

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