For people leaders and employees


Morneau Shepell is pleased to provide their library of Resilience micro-learning videos. There are 11 videos in the series, 8 for a general audience and 3 specific to people leaders. These short clips are purposefully designed to deliver powerful tools and techniques in an entertaining, uplifting way and to motivate viewers to action.

The purpose of this series is to provide useful information, practical skills and tools to build resilience in a personal and professional capacity. You will be able to use these skills to create positivity and build trust within a team. They are also helpful for teams that experience stress of change and is an important part of change management. You will see an improved ability to perform when under pressure both in your personal and professional life.

Learning objectives

The series of videos are listed below, indicating the subject of each video.

People Leader Videos

  • How to support your Employees while Building Resilience
  • The Benefits of Resiliency for Performance
  • How to spot Warning Signs of Low Resilience in Your Team Members


General Audience (People Leader & Employee) Videos

  • What Does Resiliency Look Like?
  • Benefits of Being Resilient
  • Building Resiliency
  • What shapes your Response to Change
  • How to apply the 3C's of Hardiness to develop Resilience
  • How to take Stock of your Concerns
  • Get to know the ABCs of Resilience
  • Setting Goals, Increasing Resiliency