Pre-departure preparation and evaluation

Up to 10 hours counselor led discussion
For general audience


Our Pre-departure Preparation & Evaluation is a management selection tool that provides a written suitability outcome with recommendations. It is up to 10 hours of intensive evaluation and preparation that assesses potential candidates and their families to identify personal risk factors, and provides risk management to your organization through consultation, coaching and skill building with the candidate to maximize assignment success. Through the discussion, our counselors identify potential risk factors and strengths in relation to 9 categories that have been validated as predictors of premature return or the unsuccessful completion/on-site failure of international assignments.

Learning objectives

  • Supports the right person in the right place
  • Maximizes the return on investment through prevention of immature returns and on-site failures
  • Increases the probability of assignment success by creating awareness and enhances problem-solving skills with medium and low risk candidates and families
  • Increases probability of assignment success by suggesting employer and assignee actions to enhance success of medium and high risk employees who are needed on assignment
  • Facilitates integration and settling-in, awareness creates better problem solving.