Mental health in the workplace (people leader version)

3.5 hour or 7 hour instructor-led workshop or e-learning
For people leaders


The majority of people living with some form of mental health issue are working among us, coping with symptoms while trying to perform duties. However, mental health issues are often not addressed in the workplace because symptoms go unrecognized. There is a lack of awareness of what people leaders can/should do and because of the stigma associated with common disorders such as depression and anxiety. Even leaders in specialist roles such as human resources or occupational health can feel ill-equipped to address the challenges presented by those experiencing a mental health issue. This workshop will arm participants with practical performance management tools to address behaviour and performance concerns within the workplace that are often indicative of an underlying mental health issue.

Learning objectives

Learning objectives – Half-day program:

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Explain why mental health issues are increasingly relevant to the workplace.
  • Understand how stigma acts as a barrier to a mentally healthy workplace.
  • Describe the link between mental health issues and behaviour and performance issues.
  • Describe their role and responsibilities as a people leader in helping to manage and support an employee with a mental health issue.
  • Follow a process for helping someone who may be exhibiting symptoms.

Learning objectives – Full-day program:

This version covers the same objectives as the half-day program. In addition to delving deeper into a people leader's role and responsibilities. It also provides additional practice with increasingly challenging employee situations that affect the workplace, including team dissent. This version is recommended for people leaders whose roles require knowledge of how to handle mental health issues in the workplace. 

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