Mental Health for a Retail Environment

3.5 hour instructor-led workshop
For people leaders


People Leaders in the retail industry face unique challenges in supporting employees and customers through difficult behaviours and situations specific to their environment. These challenges include managing customers whose behaviours may range from rude, to complaining, to confrontational, to aggressive and to violence and shoplifting.

This workshop incorporates best practices in building an understanding of the role of mental health in these situations. It provides participants with an opportunity for practice of hands-on defusing techniques across a range of typical and real world scenarios. It also guides people leaders through the process of effectively assisting impacted employees through the aftermath of these challenging situations.

Learning objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Understand their role as a leader and effective practices to support team members during challenging situations
  • Understand their role as a leader in managing challenging customers
    • Irate / abusive
    • Violence / theft
  • Understand mental health and the role of stigma
  • Apply defusing skills for a variety of real world scenarios
  • Leverage tools and resources to assist employees through the impact of difficult situations

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