The Equitable Workplace: Cultivating Attitudes of Anti-Racism and Allyship

For people leaders and employees


The Equitable Workplace: Cultivating Attitudes of Anti-Racism and Allyship program is a one of a kind, tailored approach to addressing the social ills of racism that affects all members of our workplace community. It is a timely resource that supports organizations in bringing awareness to the problematic behaviours that negatively affect the lived experiences of members of their workforce; which inevitably impacts company culture, job satisfaction and performance outcomes.

Commitment to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment requires ongoing organizational investment. The Equitable Workplace: Cultivating Attitudes of Anti-Racism and Allyship workshop series assists organizations in achieving this mandate by providing a solution to effectively promote an atmosphere that is free from socially constructed barriers.

Over the course of three modules, participants will explore the critical adoption of anti-racist and allyship attitudes. Delivered by subject matter experts in the areas of anti-racism and equitable practices, this workshop series is designed to provide insights and best practices to foster a healthy working environment for all people regardless of their racial identity. This program supports the development of empathetic and solution-focused interpersonal skills, which can be transferred to a variety of professional settings and situations.

Learning objectives

The completion of the three-module program, Cultivating Attitudes of Anti-Racism and Allyship, will facilitate an increased:

  • Awareness of how racial inequities show up in society and the workplace and the impact that they have on our interactions with each other.
  • Recognition of our individual and organizational responsibilities in creating more racially inclusive environments that foster a sense of belonging for everyone.
  • Confidence and skills to effectively prevent or respond to incidents of racism that are systemic and personal in nature, leading toward our ability to successfully course correct racialized injustices.




Workshop Format

The Equitable Workplace: Cultivating Attitudes of Anti-Racism and Allyship workshop series dispels common myths and misconceptions about how biases, racism, power and privilege have been traditionally taught and communicated to us for years. Hint, a few key points were missed! It also helps learners identify strategies in becoming agents of change in confronting racism.

This workshop series creates space for learners to explore their own personal experiences with racism and allyship, identifying how these behaviours impact our lives daily, especially within the workplace. By the end of this series, learners will have had the opportunity to deconstruct what they thought they knew about these social norms while discovering tools to help them reshape the way they see the world and our interactions with each other.

Module 1: Challenging What We Think We Know About Racism

Module 2: Anti-Racism in Action: Exploring Power, Privilege and Allyship in the Workplace

Module 3: Inclusive Leadership: Moving Beyond Diversity towards Racial Equity (For People Leaders)

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Learning Format

Our workshop series format is comprised of three interactive instructor led modules, each session being two hours in length. Each workshop provides a healthy balance of instruction and participant engagement, delivered through a variety of online learning modalities.

  • All Modules:
    • All employees and people leaders in any industry, sector or occupation
      • Individuals seeking to improve their awareness and understanding of racism, those interested in confronting racism, becoming anti-racist or becoming allies
      • Employee resource groups (ERGs)
  • For the Leadership Workshop:
    • Frontline leaders (supervisors, managers, team leads), responsible for managing employee performance
    • Executive leaders, human resource professionals, diversity, equity and inclusion teams and union representatives

Law Society of Ontario Accredited

*This program contains 3 modules, each of which has 2 EDI Professionalism Hours.


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