Certificate in Management Essentials

For people leaders


The Certificate in Management Essentials (CME) has been developed in collaboration with the University of New Brunswick and is focused on providing every manager with the skills they need to be the best supervisor or manager they can be. It provides training and support opportunities—from career coaching and personal development, to self-management and leadership.

This program is completely online and self-paced so participants can stay competitive regardless of location and schedule. This program can be customized to focus on particular skills and knowledge gaps by taking individual courses instead of the entire certificate.

Learning objectives

By implementing this training, employees should be able to:

  • Increase opportunities to break into or advance in their management career
  • Understand themselves as a leader and grow personally and professionally
  • Learn real-world skills, techniques, and processes that they can apply in any supervisor or manager position
  • Gain the insight needed to effectively and efficiently facilitate people and processes within any organization

Benefits to organizations

By implementing this training, the organization should be able to:

  • Increase the knowledge base of existing managers or provide development for promising non-managerial employees
  • Develop an effective performance management process aligning the individual’s efforts with the organization’s goals
  • Facilitate and support the employee, providing tools to help identify gaps, create a learning plan, and review progress
  • Retain top performers
  • Address the individual’s needs and reinforce themes and core competencies required by the organization
Required courses Elective course (choice of 4):
  1. Leading from Within*
  2. Communicating with Impact*
  3. Leadership vs. Management*
  4. Taking the Guess Work Out of Management 
  5. Managing Challenging Behaviours
  6. Supervisor’s Toolbox
  1. Beyond Engagement
  2. Coaching Skills for Managers
  3. Operations Management Toolbox
  4. Leading and Managing Through Change
  5. Building a Successful Team
  6. Etiquette, Ethics, and e-Communication
  7. Conflict, Mediation, and Negotiation Toolbox
  8. Navigating People-Driven Crisis
  9. Customer Relationship Management Strategy
  10. Cognitive Strategies for Leaders
  11. Facilitating the Employee Lifecycle
  12. Supporting Mental Health Risk

* Includes Hogan Assessments

Certification is granted once participants successfully complete the six required courses, starting with Leading from Within (CCME 1000), plus four out of 12 electives. The courses also provide a final evaluation that allows employees to demonstrate their learning and progress.

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