Fall sessions coming soon: Mental health and resiliency training webinars 

2 hour instructor-led seminar or webinar
For employees


Join Canada’s top workplace mental health training organization this fall for two training webinars on reducing mental health stigma and becoming more resilient in your day-to-day. These training webinars are based on two workshops Morneau Shepell delivers to organizations of all sizes and industries across Canada.

1. Training webinar: Mental health in the workplace Mental health issues are often misunderstood and stigmatized, and are growing at a faster rate than any other kind of disability in today's workplace (Canadian Mental Health Association). To prevent misconceptions of mental health issues, employees need to understand what the common mental health issues are. This workshop will not only educate participants about common mental health issues, it will also equip them with the tools to manage these issues and will examine available resources.

2. Training webinar: Coping and resilience in the workplace - Resiliency is often described as your ability to bounce back from adversity and in today's landscape, that's a welcome attribute. Recognized as one of the vital coping skills for the surviving the workplace, resiliency enables you to be more flexible and able to bend to change. Someone who is more resilient is better equipped to face life’s challenges head-on, even in times of uncertainty.

    Learning objectives

    • Learn more about mental health stigma and how to reduce it in the workplace and in day-to-day life; and

    • Improve leadership skills related to coping and resiliency

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    1. Mental health in the workplace:

         Date: TBD

    2. Coping and resilience in the workplace:

          Date: TBD


    Any professional across the organization

    Facilitator: Dr. Cole Cohen, Senior Consultant, Morneau Shepell

    Cost: $225

    New: online credit card payment accepted.


    Contact us at workplacelearning@morneaushepell.com or by phone at 1.877.595.8419.